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Grants with Anna Middleton as Principal Investigator and Lead:
Project Grant


Department of Health, Health Services Research project grant "Deaf individuals' understanding and perception of genetics and their needs from a genetic counselling service" (£286,000)


Personal Fellowships/Awards


Wellcome Trust People Award. Engaging Science Grant. 108512/Z/15/Z.  "Socialising the Genome" (£40,000)

Genomics England funding for "Socialising the Genome" (£48,000)



NHS Research and Development Northern and Yorkshire Region, Personal Fellowship "Attitudes of deaf adults and hearing parents of deaf children towards issues surrounding genetic testing for deafness" (£100,000)



Yorkshire Regional Clinical Genetics Service, St James' Hospital, Leeds, sponsorship for Msc Genetic Counselling course (£10,000)

Small Grants


The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (£1,650)

The Community Engagement Fund at Cardiff University (£1,212)

Deafness Research UK (£4,050)





Academic Courses and Scientific Conferences Retreat grant, "A global genomics nursing alliance to accelerate integration of genomics into everyday professional practice", Wellcome Trust (£30,000)

Co-applicants: Prof Maggie Kirk (UK), Prof Laurie Badzek (USA), Dr Caroline Benjamin (UK), Dr Kathleen Calzone (USA), Dr Jean Jenkins (USA), Dr Anna Middleton (UK), Dr Emma Tonkin (UK)


Medical Humanities Small Grant "Prioritising Participation", 203161/Z/16/Z, Wellcome Trust (£4,955)

Co-applicants (all UK): Dr Pauline McCormack, Prof Simon Woods, Dr Anna Middleton, Dr Julia Willingale-Theune, Dr Steve Scott, Dr Saskia Sanderson, Prof Chris McKevitt

2015 - 2018

Australian Research Council  Discovery grant  "Understanding the Australian public’s expectations of personalised genomics" awarded to The University of Melbourne in November 2014, DP150100597,












Co-Investigators: Prof Sylvia Metcalfe (Australia), Dr Ainsley Newson (Australia), Dr Kathleen Gray (Australia); Ms Bronwyn Terrill (Australia), A/Prof Clara Gaff, (Australia), Dr Anna Middleton (UK), Prof Brenda Wilson (Canada)




2013 - 2014

Wellcome Trust People Award grant "My condition, my DNA - Shaping Next Generation Sequencing uptake in UK healthcare". Grant written by UNIQUE.  - awarded November 2013 to Unique, 103489/Z/13/Z


Co-applicants: Buddug Cope (Unique), Dr A Middleton (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute), Nicolas Meade (Unique), Matt Hurles (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute),




Asked for external advice and collaboration


2016 -

Part of the Advisory team for a Kone Foundation Project Grant 'Evolution detective - a story of human evolution' App for teaching children about evolution

2013 -

Prof Ole Mors from The Lundbeck Foundation, Initiative for Integrative Psychiatric Research, iPSYCH (, Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov, Denmark and Anna Sundby, PhD student will be translating the Genomethics survey into Danish and recruiting from within this population. I will be collaborating with them on this project.


2013 -

Dr Natasha Anwar, Associate Professor, Forman Christian College Ferozepur Road Lahore 54600 Pakistan will be translating the Genomethics survey into Urdu and recruiting from within the Pakistani population. I will be collaborating with them on this project.



PhD studentship, jointed funded between the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Kings College London, Dr Julia Willingale-Theune and Prof Justin Dillon. This project will explore the public perceptions of genomics.



Invited to provide additional 'ethics' input to a Wellcome Strategic Award application by Prof Richard Trembath et al. Title of project: 'British Autozygosity Population Gene Function Study'










2011 -

NIHR Clinical Academic Fellowship, Gillian Crawford, University of Southampton. Gillian’s current research explores the ethical and practical issues around consent and disclosure practices where clinically relevant findings are discovered incidentally from genetic tests.


2010 -

Joint project between SignHealth and University of Bristol 'DeafHealth' which explores the reported and actual health of the Deaf community in the UK. Big Lottery funding.


Co-applicant and collaborator


Steering Group Work
Anna Middleton
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