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Media work​​​
  • 2015 - Interviewed by the Telegraph for an article about non-paternity.

  • 2015 - Interviewed by the Naked Scientists programme for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on 'ethical issues raised by genomics' and own research.

  • 2014 - Interviewed by the NHS National Genetics and Genomics for Healthcare website and Health Education England and NOWGEN e-learning course on bioinformatics. Delivered short lectures on ethics and genomics for use in teaching.

  • ​​2013 - Interviewed about the ethical implications of sharing genomic data for TV (Channel 4 news, BBC Look East, Royal Society of Science Festival, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute public engagement material), radio (BBC Cambridgeshire breakfast show and the Naked Scientists show, Radio 4 Material World, Radio 4 commissioned programme on disability, BBC World Service, Polish Radio) and interviewed for newspaper articles (Observer, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Irish Times).

  • 1999 - 2009 Invited to discuss the implications of own research deafness well as national issues relevant to deaf and hard of hearing people on the radio (e.g. BBC Radio Wales, BBC World Service, Radio Cardiff), TV (e.g. BBC See Hear, Channel 4 V-TV, CNN news, ITV Look North) and interviewed for articles published on issues about deafness (e.g. Nature, Telegraph, Western Mail, Nature).

  • Invited by the Public Engagement team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to help design the 'ethics' component of the Sanger stand at the Royal Society Festival of Science, July 2013. We utilised a multi-media approach - consisting of film with actors asking a series of ethics questions delivered on a large TV screen, a second screen delivering a question that visitors could press buttons to answer and a use of several projectors that beamed down genetic 'traits' as words onto visitor's clothes. Exhibition was designed to run concurrently with a similar exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Anna Middleton
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