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Invited presentation given to Personalised Medicine, the Promise the Hype and the Pitfalls conference in Oxford, 2016

 This conference is a joint initiative between the Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership ( and the Stratification in Colorectal Cancer Consortium

Invited presentation given to the UK Biobank Ethics and Governance Council, 2014

Invited Interview with Genomics Education Programme, Health Education England, 2016. Used for training health professionals

Interviews on ethics and genomics, 2014 for teaching on:


  • NHS National Genetics and Genomics for Healthcare website
  • Health Education England and NOWGEN e-learning course on bioinformatics 2014

Interviews for the Royal Society Festival of Science 2013


Part of the Beyond the Genome exhibit for the Sanger Institute

Sample of films written by Anna Middleton, made by NeonOtter Film Productions for the genomethics online questionnaire

View the films within the questionnaire here:

Introduction to Genomics

​Introduction to Questionnaire

Incidental Findings

Anna Middleton
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